Have you ever been kissed by a buffalo?

(Please note: this post was originally written in 2015.)

On our most recent jaunt around the country, we had the pleasure of spending a few days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We stayed at a campground that was also home to a herd of buffalo. As we boarded the touristy style train for the short ride to the middle of the “range” I couldn’t help humming ” Home on the Range”.
My eleven year old was both delighted and grossed out over the prospect of getting so close to this wild beast that it would be able to reach up and lick her fingers right off. She put on her best brave face while extending her hand filled with the buffalo treats just out of the beasts grasp but quickly pulled her hand back when she thought the tongue was getting a little too close!
With a few more minutes of coaxing, she finally gathered enough courage to allow the tongue dripping with buffalo slobber to get close enough for some pictures. The buffalo was rewarded with a big snack.